Michael Teak Photography

Your Headshot is About You

You're here because you're looking to get the best headshots and branding images possible. You understand the difference between premium and average. You want to showcase yourself or your organization the way you want to be seen.

Executive Teams & Companies

You need consistently high-end headshots and business portraits that have a unifying look with the rest of your website and corporate team. Your time is valuable and you need top notch work without wasting anyone's time. From individual headshots to large team photos, we've got you covered.

Whether it's an executive portrait session for the CEO to create a variety of images for use in press, headshots for the board, the entire company, or a few new-hires at a time that need to match with others taken elsewhere, we can make it happen.


Headshots for actors are a little different. Rather than just being about "you", you need to show at a glance what sort of roles you would be absolutely perfect for. Acting headshots, first and foremost, get you auditions. The better your headshots, the more auditions you will get. We'll talk specifically about both the types of roles you've tended to be cast in and the types of roles you'd like to get, and tailor your session to get you exactly what you need to catch the attention of casting directors and agents.

Usually actors need a minimum of two different headshots: one commercial (often smiling, higher energy), and one theatrical (often more serious). Having a few different looks lets you choose the right look for the right audition, so you can submit your sportier headshot for the role of an athlete and a more upscale headshot for something at a nightclub, etc. If you'd like, we can talk about the audition process, the local acting market, and the industry itself.


Whether you're looking to get into the industry or a seasoned pro, your income as a model depends on the quality of your portfolio and card. Even though these are often used online these days, clients and agents want to see what you look like in photographs. Models typically need more variety in their looks in order to show that they can do beauty, high fashion, lifestyle, fitness, and a variety of commercial styles. Of course you might specialize in a certain type of modeling, but some variety will open up many more opportunities.

Quality is much more important than quantity here. It's often said that your book is only as strong as your weakest image, so it's much better to have 6-8 fantastic shots in your book than 20-30 images, yet only 10 great ones. Your portfolio is something you build over time, and it will be continually evolving. I'm always happy to talk about the modeling industry, agencies, and other markets, so feel free to reach out with any questions.

Linked In & Social Media

It's wise to consider how we're perceived online. Like it or not, social media is here to stay, and often the first impression we make is with our profile images. You may be looking for a new job opportunity, networking with clients, or online dating- your profile picture will speak volumes about you. Doesn't it make sense to decide what it is you want it to say?

Making this intentional and genuine at the same time is the key, and that's exactly what we'll do.


Whether you're a writer, artist, musician, or speaker, what you do is unique to you. To stand out in a sea of creators means showing who you are in a way that's a bit more free than your average corporate headshot. There are so many directions we can take this, but while your headshots need to set you apart from the rest, they also need to be truly you to the core.

I love the collaborative process of working with other creatives- and it is very much a collaboration- but rest assured I'll be directing you through the whole process. The fact that it's usually a lot of fun is a bonus!